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More than forty years of tradition

Current Grotta is the answer to the concern of a young "tossenc" Enric Jordi Vilà, who was just 22 years old. He founded it the summer of 1970, which was and is his home, in the center of the beautiful town of Tossa de Mar.
At the end of the 60's, the place began to roll as musical bar under the name of La Grota (only one t) and soon became well known among tourists visiting the small coastal town. Here, he has not only worked, but has also experienced some of the most important moments of his life: he met who is his wife, Cristina; and seated on the old wooden stools of the local that is where they promised thirty-eight years ago.

His life has been lived here.

Gradually, he was transforming La Grota according to the different times coming. So he transformed the musical bar in a "frankfurt" coinciding with the arrival of their first daughter, Berta. Later, around 1981, He decided to serve platters in the "frankfurt", helped by the grandfather Josep and the grandmother Cristina. That winter was born his small daughter Carina. Finally, in 1986 the rubble of the old building of La Grota gave way to the inauguration of the new La Grotta, with two t: a traditional wood oven pizza.
Among these walls, other than work, anniversaries were celebrated, fairs, festivals, and their daughters have taken their first steps and now their grandchildren too. After so many years at the family business, has fulfilled a stage. Now he was retired so finally he was able to enjoy the summer in Tossa for the first time after more than forty years! Their Daughters and sons-all four together, continue with what began at twenty-two always faithful to the spirit of daily work, dedication and service to La Grotta.



Is to create a space where customers can enjoy the best dishes, pizzas and conversations in a family and friendly atmosphere. We rely on good treatment, proximity and tradition, always seeking our clients feel comfortable to enjoy their stay in our restaurant.

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