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Cooking a pizza are involved different types of heat transmission. The first is by conduction, which is one that is transmitted by contact between the surface of the oven and pizza dough. The second type of heat transfer is involved is by convection, which occurs when the hot air of the oven is in contacting with the pizza. And finally, the last type and that is what differentiates a wood oven from an electric one, it is the reflection of heat generated by the flame of the wood. This difference gives to the pizza a roasted aroma and different mass caused by the heat of the flame on the wood.

For good Italian pizza, thin, crispy and soft on the palate, it is essential an optimum cooking temperature, allowing the pizza achieve its main features. Although to achieve them not only influences the temperature of the oven, but also other factors such as flour, dough processing and quality of ingredients.

In La Grotta, we care in great detail all these factors, coupled with the experience gained over decades, It has allowed our pizzas have a great recognition from our customers.


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